The Difficulty With The Gift


Sometimes the hardest thing to do is accept a gift that cost the giver a huge price.  Sometimes receiving that gift changes your life forever.  Recently on the news a small group of U.S. soldiers were gathered at the graveside of the young man who had sacrificed his life in battle in order to save them.  One of them said, tearfully, that he thinks of that young man many times every day.  To live because he died is humbling and one might live one's life differently so that his sacrifice was not for nothing. 


Each of us is offered a gift of life after death, an eternal life in a perfect place, on a new earth, where evil and suffering does not exist.  That gift cost the giver unbelievable abuse, suffering, death, separation from God,and a trip to hell.  That sacrifice by Jesus, God's son, is the price paid for the gift of eternal life that He offers each of us. 


To receive that gift, we must only repent from living our life as though we do not want or need what He wants to give us, to ask Him to forgive us for turning our backs on Him, and then to believe that He forgives us.  He then gives us the power to change the way we live so that His sacrifice was not for nothing.


He paid the price for the gift, it is in His hands, and He offers it to anyone who will receive it.  And anyone who receives it thinks of Him many times a day and lives a life of love that comes with the gift. 


If you would like to ask some tough questions about this offer, the Giver, or the expectations that follow, feel free to contact us


John 3:16